Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photography Picture Favorites of 2007

This started out being a blog for my photography but it's actually turned more into my personal blog but I thought for the ones that read this here are my favorites from this year!!!!
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Second Baptist Small Group Christmas Social!!!

We hosted the Christmas social for our small group at church and we had the best time!! My favorite picture is of Karen stealing Roger's Pier 1 gift card!! Actually, it ties with the brown and white picture of Kathryn. We had a good time doing the gift card exchange even though it stayed pretty calm with the only steal being from Karen!!!
Seriously, we feel so blessed to be part of this group and to be friends with you guys. You seriously have touched our lives and we look forward to our time together each Sunday and to getting to know you all better!!! Thank you for making us a part of your group and welcoming us with open arms!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our New House!!!!

Here is our new house!!! This was kind of spur of the moment but we just couldn't pass it up. It is a foreclosure in a neighborhood we have always liked. Those of you that know us know this is HUGE that we are actually going to do it!!! We love our house now and have worked really hard on it but it's time. It will be sad because we brought all three boys home to this house and have put a lot of blood and sweat into it but I think we will be happy here. The boys will have friends to play with and it is a safe beautiful neighborhood!!!