Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jesse's 2nd Gotcha Day!!!! 12-30-07

This first picture is the first time we saw Jesse. His greeter had got him off the plane and through customs and here he is on his way to meet us. He was so content in that stroller and poor baby didn't know what was about to hit him. He was very sad for the rest of the day and for a few weeks after. Boy has he adjusted and claimed his place in this family!!! He is the wildest, happiest child around!!! I can't imagine our lives without him. The day we got that surprise call for him was a miracle and a joy!!!!

This was Jesse's escort. He is the one that brought Jesse home from Korea to the United States. After traveling with him for two days he became very attached you could tell as he cried while hugging Jesse and telling him bye. He said something to Jesse in his ear but of course it was in Korean so we don't know what he said. He seemed like a very nice man and I found out later that he escorts lots of babies home to the USA!!!

These ladies were his greeters...they helped get Jesse and his escort through customs and off the plane. Noah had the same greeter in the same airport. Kind of neat!!!

First picture with his new Mommy and Daddy!!!

All bathed and clean and ready to go for a walk in LA....Jesse did not wake up the whole time!!

Here he is one the plane ride home....still a little tired from his long flight from Korea the day before. He always seemed to find comfort on Marc's shoulder!!

This was his favorite place to be when we first got him with him....sleeping on Daddy. He definately preferred Daddy to Mommy!!!

Here is Jesse meeting Noah, his biological brother, for the first time!!! We didn't get a good picture of him meeting Taylor. :(

If this picture isn't proof that he is happy very adjusted I don't know what would!! He is laying on the kitchen table writing to Santa on Christmas Eve!!!!