Friday, August 8, 2008

This could have been the worst day of my life........

This afternoon I dropped Noah off at Marc's job so they could go to the deer lease and spend the weekend together but needless to say Jesse was not very happy about that as he doesn't like being away from his brother or his DAD!!! Anyway, to make Jesse feel better I told him after I ran a few errands that we would go to Toy's R Us and buy him a train. He loves Thomas and all the trains!! So, that is exactly what we did and he chose Gordon for the low low price of $21.99 (insert bug eye guy here)!!!! Whoever created Thomas is sure proud of their trains!! Now we are on our way home and Jesse keeps asking how much longer OVER AND OVER!! I tell him 20 minutes and he was fine. I then am talking on the phone to Kim C. and as I turn into my neighborhood I hear Jesse say "YAY, I can open Gordon" and as I turn into my driveway I hear his door open and he and the booster seat fall out of the car!!! I was still in the process of pulling into my driveway so I scream in the phone that he feel out of the car and hang up the phone all while putting it in park and shaking as not knowing if I had run over my child and worse if he was still alive. I then run around to his side and pick him up.....THANK GOD he was crying and alive!! He has a goose egg on his head and a scrape on his cheek and elbow but other then that he is fine. My heart was definately not could see it beating in my chest and I shook for an hour. We came in and took a bath and cleaned him up and never in his short three years of his life have I enjoyed bathing him as much as I did tonight!!! As we walked to the Cokers I was holding his little hand and thanked God for being with my baby tonight and keeping his safe. God is so good!!!

Please....parents of small children check your child locks and make sure they are on. This could have been prevented all together if I would have made sure it was on. He usually sits on the other side but last weekend we moved him to the other side and didn't do that door.

So tonight thanks to a mighty God I go to bed with two of my boys safe and sound and know the other one is safe and sound with his Dad and will be home Sunday!!!!

Good night!!!


Krista said... scary! I am a huge believer of child locks...and now you have a testimony to support my neurosis! You did some fast thinking by immediately putting your car in park and you should be proud of yourself for that. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Give Jesse a big hug from us!!

Maryann said...

Oh Lesley you are not a bad mother! You are a beautiful mother and a GREAT mother! We have to make mistakes in life to learn from them if not we will make the same mistake again and that time it may be worse. So remember everything happens for a reason.

xoxo love you

Karen H TX said...

WOW what a scare! Thanking God he is okay. Yes, child locks are a lifesaver, you never know when those little ones are going to pull the latch. It sounds like you had all the right reactions in a stressful situation.

Kathy said...

Praise God that everyone is ok now. Before car seats and even seat belts, I fell out of a moving car as the door flew open. I grabbed ahold of something, but still lock car doors before moving the car. I hope his goose egg heals fast.