Friday, September 12, 2008

Estes Family Reunion in Tennessee Smokey Mountains

Here are the pictures of our family reunion we had for the Estes side in Tennessee. It was beautiful and the house we stayed in was perfect. It has 13 bedrooms and plenty of room for all of us. The view was to die for!! We had lots of good food, we watched a DVD made by Marc that had over 700 pictures of our entire extended family, the boys had Xbox and guitar hero, a hot tub, swimming pool and KARAOKE!!! The Estes' are all great singers and love to play music and sing when they are together. The most important thing is that Mamaw had all her children and most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren together for three days. She was so thrilled and is a very blessed mother and grandmother!!!


Karen H TX said...

Pics are great! My fav is the one of Taylor. Priceless...
Love ya sister