Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emma's Bayou Bash 2009

Here are the pictures from the successful benefit we had on Saturday for Emma and Emma's Hugs. God was so good and will continue to be in this sweet families life. We were honored to be able to help out. Of course we give all the glory to God but are so thankful for Bill and Susan Baker for their leadership and hard work. Can't wait for next year!!!

Sweet Little Emma in her Harley shirt and her black boots....SO CUTE!!!!!

This is Miss Emma with her sweet momma Christy!! She is about to pop anyday....actually Thursday is the big day if it doesn't happen before then. Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery and baby girl Cora!!!

All of this money just from "FREE" popcorn and snowcones!!!!


Christy said...

You're awesome! I can't figure out why my video won't post. I'm gonna keep trying though! Thank you for all you two did to make it a great day for the kiddos! I think Luke spent about 99% of the day in the moonwalk! Carleigh commented on what a terrific time she had. We appreciate you both so very much!

Krista said...

I am so sad I missed being there! It looks like it was wonderful. It was so nice to see all of my friends in your pictures. I miss you all so much!