Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on me!! 25 weeks and counting!!

Well, I don't have long!! Three months and Miss Emily will make her debut. I can't wait! While I know she is a precious gift from God and I wouldn't trade this pregnancy for anything in the world it hasn't been easy. Everything is healthy with her and I but I just seem to be so tired all the time and the heart burn is terrible lately. nausea so that is good!! 17 weeks of that was enough!!

Her due date is August 6th which is a really neat thing as that is the day that Marc's brother passed away so many years ago. Now, a day of mourning will be replaced with a day of joy (if she decides to come that day!) I know that Brian is so happy about that...actually he is probably laughing so hard at his brother having 4 kids!!!!
The funny thing is the other day Marc said he wouldn't mind having a little girl from China one day....I told him he has lost him mind!!! BUT...we all know that as soon as we think we have it all worked out God sometimes has other plans!! Who knows...while dating we always said we would have 5 kids!!


Christy said...

Girl, don't say that too loudly! ;) Fun stuff! Have a great weekend.