Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily Grace Estes is Here!!!

Emily Grace Estes was born on Saturday, August 8th, 2009 at 12:02 PM via C-Section. She was 8 lbs 11 ozs and was 21 inches long. She was bigger then Taylor when he was born!! We got home yesterday and are both doing great. I am a little slower then normal at getting around but have lots of help and getting better by the day! Emily has lost a pound since leaving the hospital but is nursing every two hours or more so she should catch back up really quickly!!
Here are some pictures of us all dressed to come home from the hopsital!!!


MrsKBJ said...

Emily is beautiful!! You look fantastic! Hope you are getting lots of rest. I had a c section too, and by day 9/ day 10 I felt pretty much back to normal. Take care and God bless,

Christy said...

I am so jealous of all that hair! She's the hair bow already! Can't wait to see her. Talk to you soon.

Erynn said...

congrats on your miracle Emily!

Courtney said...

She is truly a miracle and she is STUNNING. SO happy for you and your family!

Jenna said...

Little Emily is gorgeous! I hope you both are resting comfortably :) I can't wait to see more pics of the new addition!