Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cozumel with the Coker's!!! To be continued.........

All I can say is how did Kim and I get so lucky????

We stayed on the 7th floor of some condominiums in the PENTHOUSE!!! It was beautiful!! The first time we got off the elevator into our house the view through the windows was breath taking!! We could have just sat outside on the balcony the whole time and never left. We watched the cruise ships come in and go back out. Pretty amazing!!!!
The maids made little animals out of our towels each morning until Marc ruined it as you can see in the last picture!!!

The penthouse had the biggest shower I have ever seen but whoever designed it didn't use their brain. It took all of us to figure out how to work it and I takes an hour to fill it up so the jets will work. See how excited David was once it started working but to bad all the hot water was gone by then!!! LOL!!


Krista said...

love the pics!! soooo jealous!!!