Thursday, November 13, 2008

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! Cozumel!

Since the day I saw Kim's David Yurman bracelet I have wanted one and there were two stores in Cozumel that had them so I would always go in there and show Marc for a Christmas hint. Well, one night we were all in there looking at the jewelry and I showed him the bracelet again. I guess at some point he bought it without me knowing because at Senor Frogs later that night when I came back from the bathroom the bracelet was around the stem of my glass!!! He's so sweet!!! I love it and it looks great on too!!!! LOL!!!!!! You can kind of see it in the picture below...

This was one of the views from our balcony!!

I never get tired of taking pictures of that pretty face!!! I know he gets tired of it but he never complains!!! Is he purty or what?????

COWBOY with his Mrs. COWGIRL!!!!!!!


Krista said...

hahaha...your pretty face comment is right below David's bum and above Marc's face. Which were talking about?? hahahha