Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...LET IT SNOW!!!!

We came home last night from my docotors appointment in the SNOW!!! It was absolutely beautiful at our house. When we first got home it was just lightly snowing but after about 9 it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We got Noah out of the bed and he played and he and Taylor had snowball fights. They had so much fun. Noah said he prayed it would snow again tonight!!!!
Of course the first thing Noah did was lay down in it with no jacket or shoes and make a snow angel!!!!


Lianna Knight said...

I can't believe it actually snowed that much in Baytown!! I am so jealous...I was hoping you guys would send that snow to Florida :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's hoots mom. we've met several times. I just realized y'all aren't in highlands anymore. where did you move? Love your blog. great pics!