Monday, December 8, 2008

Let the sickness begin........

Well last night was my first time to REALLY feel sick!!! I didn't actually throw up but sure wish I could have......maybe I would have felt better!!!
They say it is a good sign though to have sickness and all the fun things, or I guess I should say not so fun things, that go along with pregnancy. SO, I guess I am doing great!!!!!
We go to the doctor on Wednesday, the same doctor that told Marc and I that it was impossible for us to ever conceive a child on our own again. He must not know that God has a HUGE sense of humor and works in such mysterious ways. He is good all the time!!!!


'dee said...

Awww - here's hoping it passes by sooner than later! I'm still so darn excited for you, L. Pamper yourself! Take it easy when you need to and let those three strong men help you out :-)