Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July 2008 Payton and Candace's House

We went to Carmine to vistit my mom and step dad for the weekend of 4th of July and spent one day at my brother and sister in law's new house in Austin. We grilled hamburgers and the boys played with water balloons. The boys spent the night with Uncle Pete and Aunt Candace and had a great time. That is all they have talked about since coming home. After they got back to Carmine I made Noah and Jesse model for me in Mom's truck. They only KIND OF cooperated....I actually had to pay Noah $5 to model. He wanted $20!!!!! Anyway, I think some of them turned out pretty neat. The first pictures are of our day at Payton's!!!


Amber said...

I love the picture of all three boys! So cute and Noah is great model, the picture turned out great. I love that he wanted $20 LOL