Sunday, July 6, 2008

Second Baptist Church Ground Breaking Service

This morning our family attended the ground breaking service for our new church. It was a great service and we are so blessed to be a part of it all!!! I can't wait for the new building to be built and to see how many lives are changed through Second Baptist. I know this church has changed our lives. As my kids shoveled some of the dirt I was thinking about how Noah and Jesse collected change that they found in the dryer over a few months time and how Taylor tithed 10% of his birthday money and how from those contributions they have helped make all this happen. Even if it is a small portion!!! As one lady said in our home meetings...."They have ownership in our new beauitful church." WOW!!! That is so true!! Here are some pictures I took this morning. One was taken from the car as we were waiting in traffic to get in to park. I was so excited to see all the cars, the tent, and the big trucks and to know that is my family's church home!!!


The Perry Fam said...

How exciting! We're getting a new church too -- we grew out of the "old" one, which wasn't very old. I can't wait!

Shalane said...

What exciting pictures!!! Your boys are going to grow up having such wonderful memories of their church and what it means to them. What a wonderful way to raise your children.