Sunday, July 27, 2008

Noah's Birthday Party!!!

Here are some belated birthday party pictures from Noah's party at the race track. He has so much fun and so did we as you can see in the pics. After the kids were through riding the adults rode. Guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls!!! It was so fun....I don't think I have ridden a go cart since junior high!!!
Something funny to share about the decorations was the pit passes I made for the kids. My brother happened to be down that morning so I had him do me a pit pass in word and him being anal like me on stuff like that he worked so hard to get the checkered boarder just right and the font and it looked great. We then emailed it to Marc so he could print them out and laminate them to put on the strings so they could wear them around their neck. WELL....I get to the party and Marc hands me the pit passes and the boarder on them was FLAMINGOS!!!! WHAT????? Where the heck did our neat checkered boarder go??? Marc says I am OCD when it comes to parties and he is right....!!!!!! SO, my cute little pit passes were a bust!!!!


Amber said...

Great pictures! I love the love you give to your sons <3